beauty slimming body machine

How to protect your facial skin


To achieve non-drying skin, moisturizing, the most important thing is to ensure that the skin cuticle moisture content of not less than 10%.

How about the laser beauty treatment


Healthcare professionals see laser beauty treatments as the go-to for a wide range of skin care products. Lasers are used by dermatologists as well as other skin care with the goal of getting rid of unwanted skin conditions and even removing unwanted hair

Double chin solution


We are all tried tricks to hide a double chin—wearing a high-neck top or scarf and tilting our heads just right when our photo is taken.

What is microdermabrasion?


It use original mineral "micro-crystal" through the nozzle skin to shock the skin with high speed.

How to reduce your double chin


Using the same technology as Cryolipolysis, this treatment targets specifically the fat cells under the chin.

How does fast tattoo removal


The science of laser tattoo removal is actually fairly straightforward. A beam of collimated light delivers energy into the skin, which is absorbed by the ink, causing it to fracture into smaller particles that are then carried off by your body’s lymphati

Magic mirror system skin analysis machine cost


Skin analysis machine own Normal and UV light analysis , intelligent analysis with High-Resolution Camera and EM sensor can analysis very accurately in customer’s pores,

What is HIFU treatment for the face


HIFU, High-intensity focused ultrasound, treatment is a new technology that do not need to cut the skin, do not need to puncture to kill the tumor in vivo , also known as "non-invasive surgery."

Precautions of HIFU machine for weight losing


HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) technology owns a kind of non-invasive way to treat cells. Moreover, it has significant effects of body slimming, that’s why it’s widely using around the world.

What is semi permanent make up technology


Do you want a defined eyebrow. Do you like a perfect eyeliner? Would you like a perfect lipstick? Here i 'd like to show you an amazing kit:permanent make up equipment kits, which mak all of your imagination come true. What is semi permanent mak

HIFU beauty machines under promotion


Christmas is coming, so our General Manager prepared to make a promotion about our best Ulthera HIFU machine during the end of the year.

Lipohifu slimming machine uses the way


Lipohifu slimming uses advanced high intensity focused ultrasound deliver uniform energy at precise depth (13 mm) to destroy targeted subcutaneous fat non-invasively,

Best treatment for microdermabrasion equipment


As we know the microdermabrasion equipment is very popular,the dermabrasion systems can be divided into those that use diamond tips and those that use other exfoliating crystals.

RF beauty instrument advantage


The RF beauty instrument is choosing different frequency for different body parts which heat the collagen fibers, in effect leading to their power, giving a lifting effect,

RET body slimming machine advantage


RET, that is resistive electric transfer, applying the high frequency of deep heat wave technology, the heat energy form inside to outside, and there is heat energy output both RET handpiece and electrode plate.

What's the therapy of RF machine for wrinkle removal?


RF-system is a high-quality wellbeing product, which can be used widely such as eleavting the natural recoveryand resistance by generating the diathermy energy with bio-energy in body converted from the safest electric energy.

High intensity focused ultrasound hifu treatment‎


HIFU high intensity focused ultrasound, treatment is a new technology that do not need to cut the skin, do not need to puncture to kill the tumor in vivo , also known as "non-invasive surgery."

What is permanent makeup


Such a make-up technology and the natural concept captured a lot of Amy MM heart. So, permanent makeup in the end is what kind of cosmetology
Let's take a look.

Is lipohifu right for you


Lipohifu is not for everyone. But if you are close to your ideal size and have stubborn, unwanted fat around your waistline you just can't seem to get rid of with diet and exercise, then yes, Lipohifu may be for you.

Precautions for use of micro derma roller


Before we use it , we should disinfect first, and clean the skin. And when we done the payment, we should have some assisted treatment. And the treatment area should be free of makeup, and cleaned well to avoid infection.

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